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Caregiver & Me

Our “Caregiver and Me” class, previously known as “Mommy and Me,” is for all caregivers and children from birth through age 3.

About this Class

These classes are designed to be fun for both caregivers and children.

Caregivers can recharge their batteries while forming a strong bond with their children. We will all get in touch with our inner child as we go on different adventures. Yoga helps children deal with big emotions. It also teaches important values such as honesty, cleanliness, self-reflection, and gratitude.

Our classes are around 30 minutes long. We love to provide support and build community, so please feel free to stay after class for some community time. The sessions take place once a week for five weeks. If you have a yoga mat and props such as blocks, blankets, and/or straps, please feel free to bring them with you. We will offer these items, but you may feel more comfortable with your own gear. Please note that you do not need any previous yoga experience to attend these classes.



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Our classes are tailored for various objectives, from energizing or centering to practicing or building knowledge. Please join us; we offer: