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What we do

Building a strong community where we can grow together

We work to find common ground and create systems where everyone feels supported. We want to build a peace that will last. Our areas of expertise include:

the classes

Building Knowledge Together

We craft these classes to deliver in-depth knowledge and understanding to participants seeking to broaden their horizons or acquire new knowledge.

the circles

Transformative Experiences

Circles provide a supportive space where individuals can delve into their talents, passions, and life experiences under the guidance of skilled facilitators.

the workshops

Improve Your Skills

Our workshops focus on experiential learning and skill-building, giving you the tools to succeed in real-world scenarios.


The people

We are here to provide guidance on your journey

These are incredible individuals and communities we’ve had the privilege of working with. This gallery captures the spirit of unity and shared commitment to growth and positive change.

The Facilitator


Elizabeth Valverde~Bartlett

As a peacebuilder, I use a variety of tools such as conflict analysis, facilitated processes, trauma and resilience support, and more. These tools help to identify root causes of conflict, explore possibilities of addressing issues, and build solutions. I work collaboratively with communities and stakeholders to dream and produce solutions.

I create a safe space for people to work on a balance between their emotional, intellectual, physical, and spiritual bodies; through different methods such as yoga and breath work.

Our Blog

Big ideas & deep toughts

Archive of experiences

Step into a world of inspiration and explore practical insights as we share uplifting stories, offer practical guidance, and provide a dose of positivity.

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